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Anonymous: Yes, I do remeber, thank you very very much!

I hope the caps were what you were looking for!

clotheslinedwithanxbox: Could you do some screen caps of Matthew in his shooting attire? I'm not picky about which season. Thanks!

They will go on my list! :)

Anonymous: Some Cobert pics would be awesome :-) (but I love all your work!!)

Will do, and thank you!

23 2 weeks ago


Do you lovelies have any requests? I’m not up to doing caps for an entire episode right now, but I can take some requests!

They don’t have to be just cap requests, I can do icons, picspams, graphics….the color palette thing that everyone is doing…anything that inspires me really. Any takers?

(*I can’t promise to do them all, and they might have to wait until after the 18th because I have an exam that day*)